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Blogs & Articles

Over 75% of internet users read blogs every month. Often, they google a subject and get rerouted to a blog that tells them what they need to know.

A blog drives traffic to your website where they find what they need and stay for your services. 

Let me help you grow your business by building a platform of information that is SEO-optimized, customized for your business, and delivered with the complete Yoast data needed to optimize a WordPress blog.

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Search Engine Content

Since its inception, Google has insisted on "helpful, reliable, people-first content." That's exactly what I deliver. According to the experts, you need about 300 words on a page to have Google index it, so that's the shortest blog I offer.

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Customized Content

Everything I write is hand-written, every time. While I am familiar with AI and appreciate what it can do, it's not good enough for truly unique, high-quality content. Everything I write is created just for you - by me. No subcontractors.

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Small Title

SEO - search engine optimization - requires research and time. Each blog comes with everything you need to SEO optimize the metadata with Yoast and other programs. This way, you don't have to create meta-descriptions, URLs, and more. 

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