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Trade Show Marketing

You're about to spend thousands on attending a trade show. The booth, the staff, the travel, the hotel rooms, a vehicle, food, and on and on. A single trade show for a even a modest show can cost over $30,000!

Make sure your marketing is as good as your booth! 

This is not a 'if you build, they will come' situation. 

At a trade how you are one of many, many exhibitors clamoring for the attention of the attendees. 



Social Media

Press Release

Video Scripts

TikTok Scripts


SMS Messages

LinkedIn Management

Landing Page

Exhibitor LIsts

Booth Design and Consultation

Post Show


Email Marketing

SMS Messages

LinkedIn Follow-up

LinkedIn InMails

Post-Show Review

A detailed meeting to review your trade show successes and opportunities. This meeting will look at what you've done, what you can do differently, and how you can plan for the next trade show.

During the Show

Social Media Posting

Reminder Emails


SMS Messages

Event Planning

Appointment Setting

Trade Show Marketing Checklist

We've created a detailed checklist that will allow your team to do all their own marketing . This checklist with take you through each step of the plan.

Marketing Timeline

Our timeline is a Gantt chart that delineates your precise marketing timeline from months before the event to months after the trade show. This list is designed to make it easy to plan and run your marketing.

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